Tower View 2020: God’s Plans…Our Response

Evangelist D.L. Moody said:

If God is your partner, make your plans big!

Since 1962, God has richly blessed TVBC, its members, its Gospel outreach, and so much more to this tune.  After 55 years, as we close at 2017, God, once again, it seems, is moving among us to His glory as we prepare and put together His plans for the future, which require our response.

We have much to celebrate at TVBC—in the past, in the present, and the future! God is so good. You all have been so faithful. When we sincerely turn to God, we will find that his church always moves forward, not backward.

And that’s why we are excited about the future! See below for some updates.

Unique Challenges

What We Aim to Do During This Time:

What We Ask You (Church) To Do:

2018: “Plan”

2019: “Put Together”

Based on 2018, we want to put practical feet to what the Lord has for us in leadership structure, member engagement, and reaching our neighborhoods with the Gospel.

May our prayer be: Lord, show us where we should change, and we’ll do it. Show us where we should obey-even where it’s hard and we’ll do it.

Final Thoughts:

TVBC, we are blessed to have such great opportunities ahead to share the Gospel, grow together, and glorify God as we reach our community, our families, our neighbors, and more! Thank you for being so faithful to see what God has for us here. We love you all so much and consider it a true blessing to be part of the family here.

Respectfully Submitted in Christ,

Pastor Darin & Staff & Leaders