Bible Reading Plans


Each morning (or evening, or whenever you have your daily time with God) simply read the passages that have been assigned for that day. You can use the catch-up days to get back on top of your reading if you have fallen behind.

May you be ever transformed into the image of our incarnate King, and may He alone receive the acclaim.


It is an incredible privilege to read through all of God’s Word. The benefits of reading the entire Bible in an orderly manner over the course of a year are many:


1. If at all possible, read through the Bible using this plan together with other people. Read it together with your small group, Sunday School class, or as a family devotion.

2. There will be some passages that you find, well, boring, and some, honestly, difficult. Remember 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Ask yourself why God “breathed out” this particular passage and how it is profitable for you. Pray for fruit and wisdom, too!

3. Do the whole reading for each day, but look for a “faith lesson” for each day.  That’s something you can meditate on through the day.  Perhaps, it is a verse you memorize or something memorable.  When you do this, you’re left with more than a vague feeling of what you read in the morning.

4. As you come to the Word each day, ask God to open your eyes to its splendor.  Note what the Psalmist said.

5. Let your prayers for others in your family, church, and life come out of what you read. Don’t choose between praying and reading Scripture—you can do both! After you read a passage each day, pray that passage for yourself, those you love, the local church, and others.

6. Know that some readings will be longer and others will be shorter. Take advantage of the shorter readings! Read them more carefully & meditatively. Don’t just read, though. Reflect on, ask questions, pray for answers, and engage. We are called to meditate on the Lord’s Word (Psalm 119:48).

7. Look for ways in which you can live out practically what you’re reading each day. James 1:22: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves..”