Our Story

In 1960, Tower View was started from a vision that a church needed to be started in the Gracemor-Randolph Corners area. Initially, a 40 x 60 tent was erected and used as the original church “building.” Various Sunday School classes met in homes of people attending the chapel.  The basement of our education building was completed and the services moved indoors.  The first ministry activity (Vacation Bible School) was conducted on August 15, 1960. The first worship service occurred on August 21, 1960 under the leadership of Tower View first pastor, John Thomason.

Years of steady growth followed, both numerically and, most important, spiritually. Numerous baptisms, high attendance days, and ministries were frequet.

Always doctrinally conservative, the church continued to draw visitors through the 1980s. Yet, the years of feast did not continue uninterrupted. Famine soon followed in the form of urban decline and sometimes spotty leadership which caused the church’s attendance and membership to spiral downward in the 1990s. Surprisingly, unlike so many like-minded, evangelical churches at this time, the church held fast to sound doctrine.

The congregation hit a low point in the early 1990s, when attendance dropped. A spurt of families and youth continued through until 1999. In 2000, Tower View was approached by First Baptist Church of North Kansas City about a church revitalization effort. Over next decade, changes were made to the health, vitality, and structure of the church. New by-laws were written in 2008. A formal deacon ministry was reestablished a few years ago.

TVBC has renewed its commitment to the principles of God’s Word embraced by our founding members. We rejoice in the grace of God that has not only sustained but rebuilt a congregation now full of health. The church born in the petitions of a few has weathered many tests and stands over a 55 years later as the light to the Gracemor-Randolph area it was prayed to be.