From the Pastor: Can God use *ME* for his glory?

Dear TVBC Family,

Hope you are doing well.

I literally lost my voice on Monday and have been recovering from this nasty-funk ever sense—as have many of you!  This sickness has given me a lot of down time and thinking time about how God uses simple, sinful people like me (us).

You see, there’s something helpful about the way God exalts Himself in the Gospel power available to those who trust in him found in the call of Moses (Exo. 3-4).

We can break down Moses’ 5 protests/requests and God’s 5  responses in “Darin-ese” (and how it relates to how God uses people at our church and around the world):

1. Moses: “Who am I to go for you, Lord” (Exodus 3:11)?
God: “Never mind who you are. That’s irrelevant.

2. “Who are you for me to go for you” (Exodus 3:14)?
God: “I am GOD—there’s none beside me.”

3. “What if they don’t believe me” (Exodus 4:1)?
God: “It’s not your achievements you’re witnessing about—but mine. Here, have some miracles.”

4. Moses: “Me no talk good” (Exodus 4:10).
God: “I use weak people all the time.”

5. Moses: “Send somebody else!” (Exodus 4:13)
God: “I will send somebody with you, but not in place of you”

What’s the point? The point is now we can make 5 basic facts about the way God uses Christians like you and me to bring glory to himself and people to His Son, Jesus. Here are the basic qualifications to be used by God anyplace, anytime, and anywhere:

1. Be an insignificant nobody. No one can be used by God who desires to raise themselves above others.

  1. Don’t fret about your achievements or skill to persuade. What God has done in the Gospel is a potent persuading all on its own, and the Holy Spirit will control who it stirs.
  2. Know God. If you are going to be used by God in a great way you must first understand that God is bigger than you!
  3. Be ordinary and unimpressive on your own. The best things I’ve seen in my young years have not been orchestrated by top-level leaders, but have been simple lives greatly used by God.
  4. Don’t go at it alone. In difficulty you don’t have to make it on your own. If God intended for you to go it alone there’d be no need for the work of His Son.

Have you prayed about how God might use you in our church? In your community where you live? In your workplace?

The great part? God can use anyone that is not about themselves—but all for God and His glory.

Love being your pastor!