From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Each week, I like to share a little what the Lord has been teaching me in relation to TVBC.  Maybe you can relate.

Happy Cold Wednesday, Tower View!

I am grateful spring officially comes on the calendar next week.  But hoping we can shed these winter-like temperatures!

I just wanted to highlight a couple of areas of ministry happening right now in our church.

Men’s Dinner

Men! Don’t forget that our dinner is this Saturday at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall / basement.

Bring a side dish or main dish. Topic: Relationships and communication.

This is open to any man in our church! A great time of fellowship!


As we prayed at our pastoral prayer time on Sunday, we thank God for all those who have served in the nursery in the past and are currently serving.  Thank you so much to all!

And we have a good problem on our hands: Our nursery is bustling with new arrivals, new visitors and members, and more.  As such, we are in need of help in the nursery!

We need extra hands—men, women, and teenagers— from babies to preschool who:

1. Are TVBC members (a new membership class is in the works for late spring); and,
2. Have gone through the required background screening (see Judy in the office).

We don’t want this to be overwhelming to anyone or feel like you will be stuck in a vicious cycle of helping.  We want this to be a joyful experience as you get to teach and shepherd young hearts every few weeks.

And let me say a word to the men: Gentlemen, this isn’t just the job of our women.  We need willing men who can be a presence or help teach a young class to step up.  Would you help lead this charge?

So, would you prayerfully consider helping in the nursery once every few weeks? If so, please contact Judy at or 816-453-3334.  Thank you!

Disaster Relief

I want to give a “shout out” to Doug Hager and his Disaster Relief team from the Clay-Platte Baptist Association.

As you know, two Mondays ago a large storm produced several tornadoes in our areas.  Cities like Oak Grove, Smithville, etc. were impacted very severely.  Doug and his DR teammates have been working extremely hard to help them rebuild.

Will you pray for the efforts as they bring the hope of the Gospel through their work? And thanks for your hard work, Doug!

Easter Door-Hanger Outreach – Tuesday, March 30 – 9:30 – 11 AM

In effort to get the word out about “The Journey to the Cross” on April 8, we will be hanging door hangers in the Maple Park neighborhood on the date and time above.  No experience necessary.  Just those who don’t mind walking and putting a door hanger on a door.

(The packet includes a Gospel tract, general church invite, and info about the Easter event).

Closing Thoughts

Recently we sang How Great Thou Art.  Part of it goes like this:

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art.
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

Does it make your soul sing?

Looking back through the great lens of the bodily resurrection, we see the cross not simply as the moment Jesus died because of sin and death, but as the moment Jesus murdered sin and death. Christ killed is Christ conquering; Christ raised is Christ in conquest.

That is amazing. Only an amazing God could tell a story so fantastic.

Does the gospel still thrill you? Does it still captivate you? Does its simple presentation still warm your heart? Or are you cold to its plot points? Has the repetition of its propositions desensitized you to its scandal? Is it theory to you, a catchphrase, a buzz word? God forbid, is it a cliche?

It is for me, still (thank God), the inconceivable event of my very real and terrible sin being covered and conquered by a very real and terrifying grace.

Behold — fix on, revel in, and exult in — the glory of God in the glorious Christ.

In Christ,