Theology Tuesday: It’s a Wonderful Time to Be Christian

Ray Ortlund said:

What’s happening in our crazy world today matters. But still, the ultimate crisis was 2000 years ago, and Jesus won — forever.

In today’s world, it may not seem like being a Christian isn’t a good thing. Our faith in challenged.  We don’t see certain sectors of society as moral as it used to be.  Families seem to be falling apart.  Frankly, even on a surface level, it can be discouraging and even exhausting.

A lot of Christians seem to talk about the future like they are discouraged. I still see reason for hopeThere is reason for hope because there is nothing in your life that sits outside of your Savior’s sovereign rule or loving care.

I would highly encourage you to read this article from Pastor Garrett Kell about why there are at least 5 reasons (certainly there are many, many more!) to be a Christian in these days: