From the Pastor: Reflecting on 2016


Dear TVBC Family,

This week’s “From the Pastor” is a celebration of some major milestones the Lord blessed us with in 2016.  Please know this list isn’t exhaustive and is off-the-cuff.  There’s plenty more, by God’s grace, we can mention. And know this list isn’t mean to “pat ourselves on the back.”  It is truly to praise God alone!

I provide the below to 1. To encourage us to praise the Lord together and thank Him for his faithfulness; thank YOU for all your hard work in the Lord’s grace; 3. Pause and reflect prayerfully what the Lord may have for us in 2017.

The great American pastor, Jonathan Edwards, had two resolutions for his church and himself. Resolution 1: I will live for God. Resolution 2: If no one else does, I still will.  My one New Year’s resolution is to do the one thing that is most needful: spend more time at the feet of Jesus.

Brothers and sisters, let’s be thankful.  Let us also remember that nothing tries faithfulness like the acids of success.  Let’s continue to be faithful to verbally share the Gospel in all that we do.  Make the resolution to make every resolution for God’s glory and kingdom not your own.

Let’s remember to pray each day for the Lord to work among our church to unite us closer together in true fellowship.  Pray for Gracemor, Maple Park, and Claycomo areas to be lit on fire with the Gospel.  And, remember, success is not the goal – Jesus and faithfulness to Him is.  And, if the Lord sees fit to bring us a leaner year, we still praise Him.

Friends, it is a joy to pastor here with Matt, Gilbert, and Judy on staff.  We thank God for each one of you.  We love you all so much.  We are looking forward to what the Lord will do among us and our neighborhood this year.

In Christ,

-15 baptisms in 2016;
-Attendance was up nearly 17% from 2015.
-Youth group that has, literally, doubled in size in the past year—nearly 40 students come on average!
-Multiple new members have joined and are actively engaged in the church;
-Welcoming of Gilbert and Amber Imbiri to our church and Gilbert as Pastor of Worship;
-We had the highest overall giving year we have had in decades…and missed budget by less than 1%.
-Spiritual grow from numerous folks—many of whom read the Bible from cover-to-cover for the first time.
-Super-successful youth summer camp led by Matt to reach our neighborhood in the neighborhood
-Formation of a Safety and Security Team;
-Celebration of Blake Loy and family’s ministry here as he went off to medical school;
-Deacons spent months studying divorce-remarriage and are shoring up other areas of need…..welcomed one new deacon.
-VBS for the first time in two years;
-One of our largest back-to-school bonanzas;
-Busy Hands won two awards at the Apple Festival…and continue to be the biggest producer of quilts, pillows, and other items for NKC Hospice.
-Began process of cleaning our membership role through intentional outreach with a pastoral care focus.
-Highest average attendance in AWANA since its inception;
-Prayed through each of the Clay-Platte Baptist Association churches on Sunday morning.
-The most-visited page on our website is the Gospel page – literally, with tens of thousands of hits.
-Knocked on / put a door hanger on all the door in the Gracemor and Maple Park areas with a Gospel tract and church information.
-Revamping of procedures and policies in several key areas of our church.
-Exceeded church-wide giving goals for Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon offerings…as well as experienced a strong campaign for
-Restriping of our parking lot (thanks, Nik)!
-Repainting and new fixtures in our nursery (thanks, Vicky and team!)
-Complete kitchen remodel (thanks, Properties Team!)