From the Pastor: Praying for a Sister Church


Dear TVBC Family:

Last year, we started praying for sister churches each Sunday in our association (the Clay-Platte).  This year, as we did for the first time on Sunday, we will be praying through our Christian neighbors up I-29 – the St. Joseph Baptist Association.

On Sunday, we prayed for Brother Jesse and his church at First Baptist in Albany, MO.  Pastor Jesse got back to me yesterday and shared more in-depth what is happening and how you can pray for his congregation.  Here’s the e-mail in italics (followed by a brief reflection).

Wow! Praise the Lord! It is so uplifting to know that you and your congregation care enough to pray for our church family here at First Baptist Church of Albany during your Sunday morning worship service. (: So that you can better understand our need, let me give you a little information about our community and church. Our community is a small rural community of about 1700 people.

 Our church has been forward thinking in reaching out to young families in the community. On Wednesday nights we have a program for children who are sixth grade and younger called Kids for Christ. On a given Wednesday night, we feed 80 to 100 children and then teach them about Jesus in a fun and exciting way. About half of the children that come to Kids for Christ are from unchurched families. They are able to come to Kids for Christ, because we provide transportation for them. To reach out to young mothers, we have a program for moms that coincides with the children’s program so that moms and their children can come to First Baptist and learn about Jesus at the same time. From these two programs and our other efforts, we are having good success in attracting young families to become a part of our church family.

 Our attendance on a given Sunday morning is usually between 170 to 200 people with good representation from all age groups. But, we too are struggling to reach older students. Last year, Albany High School graduated about 30 seniors. Only one of those seniors attended First Baptist. In 2017, there will not be a senior in the graduating class who is an active participant in our church family.

 Please pray that we will find a way to reach students who are in high school and middle school so that they will open their hearts by the grace of God to faith in Jesus Christ.

 Our church will pray for you and your congregation this Sunday at our Sunday morning worship service! 

 Church, let’s remember that when a church like TVBC slows down enough to pray–really pray and seek the Lord–we may have many weaknesses, but God will bless us. When we pray for other Gospel-centered, Bible-preaching churches in our own churches, we’re conveying to God’s people that it’s about God’s kingdom not ours. And, if we pray for revival for other churches in our city, maybe the Lord will include our church too. #SameTeam

I pray for revival because when the Holy Spirit hijacks a church for His glory, he squashes her self-sufficiency and stops her from taking Him for granted. When a church like ours prays for growth, weought also to pray for the grace to accept & celebrate change. Because we cannot grow and not change.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our sisters churches this year and for our church. God is good!

In Christ,