Theology Tuesday: Baptism


Dr. Thomas Schreiner noted about the importance of baptism for the truly-saved Christian:

Baptism is important because it is associated in the New Testament (NT) with the saving events of Christ’s death and resurrection. It is “the” initiation rite into the Christian church, and hence it is not “optional” or “insignificant.” I don’t believe that baptism in and of itself saves, and someone may be a Christian and not undergo baptism because he or she misunderstands what Christ requires. In any case, believer’s baptism is important because it relates to our understanding of the nature of the church. The church is composed of regenerate church members (or at least it should be). Those who baptize infants compromise the purity of the church because they allow into the church those who are unregenerate, for baptism in the NT always follows faith.

As we get ready to baptize 4 believers this weekend (Briana, Kelcey, Angie, and Richard—and don’t forget to pray for them before and after their baptism), it is wise to go over again why and how we baptize.  What does the Bible say about it?

Check out this article by Dr. Sam Storms about the meaning and importance of baptism: